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For companies, whose technology landscape includes both SAP and Workday, data migration and integration between the solutions can be a challenge because it requires a unique understanding of the data structures and requirements of both systems.

Proper integration is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of investments in both SAP and Workday going forward. As many customers often discover too late, it can be difficult to find the right resources to manage data integration processes.

Who has the skills and experience to manage data migration and integration?

Apex Technology has proven tools, processes, and expertise in both SAP and Workday to ensure a smooth migration and ongoing effective integration. Our SAP to Workday integration suite is:

  • Open & cooperative: Compatible with any Workday implementation partner of choice
  • End-to-end: Covers the entire lifecycle from early-stage analysis to post-go-live, through a comprehensive 3-step methodology
  • Sustainable: Build the pillars for future developments and trust us with your HR legacy system if needed
  • Proven: We have referenceable clients and a proven track record of data migration & integration projects
  • Fully packaged offering: The full integration toolset includes SAP HCM (PY, OM, PA, T&A), SAP SuccessFactors (EC, ECP, TM), CRM and FI/CO. Services and support are included.