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Apex Technology is always determined to deliver high quality product to our customers for whom we take responsibility from start to end i.e. from creating a test plan to post production support.

 At Apex Technology we believe in following processes and delivering a bug free product. We move step by step for delivery as we start with Test plan to create traceability to check the coverage of complete requirement to functional /non- functional testing to post production support. Detailed Reports are shared with the customer for the project details to track the project quality status. We followed these processes to make sure we are delivering quality product to the customer.

Functional Testing

It is very important that software is thoroughly tested end to end for which we execute created test cases/scenarios and ensure the coverage of possible test cases/scenarios in the same. Functional testing includes Usability testing/UI testing/integration and many more.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is one of the Key areas of requirement. We ensure that before the product goes into production speed, responsiveness, reliability, scalability, and stability requirements are as per the expected workloads.

Security Testing

Apex Technology provides security testing services to find the loopholes/issues in the system which could result in a big loss in terms of information and cost. Security testing includes Vulnerability Scanning /Security scanning/Penetration testing/Risk Assessment.

Automation Testing

Apex Technology has skilled QA for performing automation testing using Selenium tool to test the applications. Automation testing helps to improve the quality of the application and at the same time helps to reduce the time and cost as well.

API Testing

API testing is being done to get the issues at the initial stage only and helps in unfolding critical issues at the time of integration. Our QA team uses Jmeter and Postman for API testing.

Usability Testing

Usability testing, we perform to ensure that customer gets a user-friendly application. Our usability testing services are designed to match the requirements of our customers and achieved with the assistance of latest usability testing tools.