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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems connect every aspect of your business processes.

From your supply chain through to customer relationship management (ERP CRM), inventory to human resources, all your core business data is captured in one system. ERP solutions let you access the insights you need to make the big decisions, direct your resources where they’re most needed and share best practices across your business. Essentially, enterprise software holds all the information you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively. Consolidate your business-critical data for clearer insights, smarter decisions and streamlined operations with ERP software. UK and global businesses are growing and thriving using Apex Technology’s enterprise management system software.

ERP implementation takes time and financial investment. Preparing your business for change will help smooth the transition and maximize your return on that investment. And choosing Apex Technology Business Cloud X3 makes switching to ERP software even easier.

Capture the benefits of ERP software

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, online ERP software from Apex Technology will transform your company’s operations and growth potential. Our ERP solutions offer secure cloud and mobile access, threat intelligence monitoring and regular system patches to protect your business-critical data. From expert advice to more efficient processes, discover the many benefits now.

Fast, affordable implementation

Customizable, cloud-based ERP software slashes the time involved in ERP implementation compared to traditional systems, and automatic back-ups reduce the cost of data storage or reconciliation.

Advanced flexibility

Apex Technology’s ERP software adjusts to your organization’s unique requirements and procedures, can be run from the cloud or installed locally, and scales effortlessly with your business.

Easy integration

Connect your ERP software to accounting, payroll, HR, CRM, and workforce management solutions to minimize data transfer errors and create total business transparency.