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Apex Technology is a recognized expert in database management.

Our consultants are certified specialists in the handling of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases. Profit from our expertise in the design, implementation, management, and optimization/tuning of databases!

Our expertise for Oracle Databases

Apex Technology is Oracle Platinum Partner and expert for Oracle databases and related technologies. Profit from the long-standing expertise of our Consultants in Oracle development, migration, high availability, grid & cloud computing, virtualization, security, and middleware. Apex Technology does not only manage your Oracle database infrastructure but we also offer services related to Oracle data management applications (Oracle PL/SQL or Oracle APEX), to designing data models or coaching you on migrations from Oracle Forms to Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Our Expertise for SQL Server databases

Our consultants are skilled in Microsoft SQL Server solutions. They can perfectly implement all versions of SQL Server databases including Windows and Linux operating systems, configure SQL Server clusters, and set up backup and recovery concepts for the Microsoft RDBMS. Apex Technology Solutions also provides SQL Server infrastructure support or monitoring strategies to secure your operations and reduce operating costs. Apex Technology is Microsoft Gold Partner for data platforms. Our Microsoft Consultants have a long-standing experience in numerous topics as high availability, performance, security, business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. Apex Technology is also specialized in Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Server solutions.

Our expertise for MySQL/MariaDB databases

Apex Technology offers MySQL/MariaDB database infrastructure solutions. We have several certified consultants and can provide professional support for any kind of MySQL/MariaDB project or service management support. Apex Technology is specialized in realizing Cluster control solutions to deploy and manage MySQL/MariaDB based clusters. Our expertise covers MySQL/MariaDB administration, replication, as well as backup and recovery. Our consultants are also specialized in MySQL/MariaDB Workbench.