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Apex Technology Solutions is one of the few IT service providers that has mastered both classical and new technologies equally and can therefore provide its customers with an entire package of consulting, development, and maintenance know-how from a single source.


We have been developing complex enterprise applications in Java for many years. The development of enterprise applications in Java is inextricably associated with a corresponding enterprise framework, which simplifies the use of many software aspects from persistence to integration, significantly accelerating development.


The number of web frameworks is now almost unmanageable, and their lifespan is often very short. So, when using a web framework, not only the functionality but also the extent to which it can ensure investment security and thus maintainability over many years is the decisive point in making decisions.


When developing Windows applications, we use the .NET development platform for both desktop and web and server applications. Supported by .NET Core and the associated platform independence, we see development with C# as the ideal solution for reusing business logic on almost all modern platforms.

In web development, we usually use REST-based HTTP APIs, which are used on the browser side by modern frameworks such as Angular. Our architectures are always "Azure ready" so that Cloud scenarios can be integrated early or migrated later. The Azure Stack offers on-site or hybrid solutions. While MS SQL Server is our first choice for new development with relational databases, we also have broad experience in the integration of other relational database systems, such as Oracle or MySQL. We are also happy to support the migration of database systems to the persistence systems offered in Azure.